Sight seeing in Brazil

So day 2 in Porto Alegre, We met up with David Barzilay, He is a Red hat guy who does alot ofr fedora ambasators here in Brazil. We went over some of the things that we would like to see from FISL. One Big thing I want to see is Fedora and OLPC helping each other more. The ambasators here do an amazing job. They published a magazine can be found here. One thing that I naively expected was that younger people would know both Portugesse and English, just as most of europe does. I have also learnt that fedora suffers from one of the same thing afflicting OLPC, a need to translate software into all languages. a takeaway that I have from this it that we need to come up with a way to translate from one language to another, not just from english to language foo. People who know Spanish and Portugesse need to have a way to be enabled to translate. I also se the importance of doing different language spins. I think though that a team of native speakers should do the spins and that they should be primarilary hosted in the country that they are intended for. Say for instance a Brazillian Portugesse spin should have hosting in Brazil. Many countries have good internal infrastructure but it is expensive and slow to use international links. We need to remove this road block and get local people making live cds that suit the local needs.

We did a little sight seeing we went to some local museums they were all free entry. One was a art museum, it was largely local art which was good to see. The history museum was a little hard to follow as it was largely words. while i dont undertsand portugesse i was able to make out some words. finally we went to a cultural museum, there was alot of interactive flash based activities, that made me kid of sad. I ama big beliver in using free and open source software wherever possible the short film entitled “Last Hippie Standing” was in English and somewhat entertaining.