We Got Stickers

We went to the firefox sessions and got some neat treats. Including these really cool stickers

Firefox stickers

And Mo you can’t have one


FISL Day 1

Yesterday was day 1 of FISL, spot and I waited in line for an hour and a half to get our passes and bags full of phamplets and a magazine. There is over 6000 people registered

People in line for registration, 2 of 5 lines

this was part of 2 of the 5 lines. they were sorted by First name which really wasnt clear and seemed odd. But we got though ok.

I went to Scotts talk on OLPC. there was a good turnout though Language was a barrier that kept others away im sure. There is alot of interest in OLPC and Fedora here. The line up of people for fedora cds was quite large. People were happy to wait

People inline for Fedora cds

I really want to see us work out how to overcome langauge issues. I think thats its something that is a must

we finished up going to a dinner at a Brazilian Steak house. It was a river of meat. Guys with skewers that looked like swords walked around serving up all sorts of deliciousnes. there was a entertaining show put on that involved lots of danging and swinging around some kine of ball on a chain. im pretty sure that it would violate all sorts of rules in both the US and Australia

Greg suggested after talking about when I played football that I needed to put up a new hackergotchi picture on my Planet Fedora feed. so now there is a picture from when i represtented Australia in the firstever world cup of American Football in Palermo, Scicily, way back in 1999. Yes I used to play american football. I played 10 years of Middle Line backer for the Gold Coast Stingrays. It was playing football that initially brought me to the USA, its is also because of it that I met my wife and that im where I am today. I have been very fortunate to be able to do the things and see the places around the world that I have. I really am thankful for what I have.