Where is Open Source?

I saw a link today to a map that some people at Red Hat put together. The map is Here. What i found really intresting is the reasons that different countries have high standings.

  • USA – Community
  • Brazil – Government
  • Australia – Industry
  • France – Government and Community

France being number 1 overall suprissed me. That is likely due to my own ignorance. they were number 1 in government contributions and number 3 for community.

Business leeds the way in Australia ranked 4th, followed by commuity and Govenment both being in the top 15 overall australia is 4th which is pretty impressive. Makes me proud to be an aussie.

The United States comes in at number 9 dragged down by the government. the community ranked 2 strongly leads the way. I think the govt really needs to pay more attention to what the people are doing and lead the way for industry here. with high profile govt contributions like selinux its sad that they are not ranked higher.

Brazil has a really strong government contribution, number 3 overall. The country as a whole comes in 12th, community is pretty good being in the top 15. Industry is the big thing dragging things down at 43rd. I’m going to be attending FISL in Porto Alegre in June. I hope that with the wonderful fedora abasador community that we can come up with some ideas for helping improve industry participation in Open Source from Brazil.

look forward to me blogging about FISL, and open source in brazil.If anyone knows of some good tools for learning Brazillian Portugese please drop me a line.


Fedora 11 SPARC status

today i did a rawhide sparc compose from dist-f11 rather than dist-f9 that we had been using, Im syncing that right now to the primary mirror. it will take a little while since its really big.

16G	/mnt/koji/tree/development/source
22G	/mnt/koji/tree/development/sparc
13G	/mnt/koji/tree/development/sparc64

If you have been keeping your SPARC boxes updated you should be pointing at the F-9 bits and not rawhide still. Ify your not please dont updat to this tree. at the least you need to grab the F-10 rpm from koji. We have Stronger hases just like the primary arches. No work has been done on anaconda at this point. we have a glibc bug that we are waiting on a patch to be applied then we can catch up. most of the packages are from pre mass rebuild state. but it is the closest that we have ever been to being in the same state as the primary arches. we have a kernel that ws built with gcc-4.4 It has been tested and does work 🙂

Fedora SPARC Linux is built for ultrasparc and newer hardware only. There is no support for any 32 bit hardware. we are shipping a 32 bit userland and 64 bit kernel. if you have specific needs for greater than 4gb ram per process you can enable the 64 bit repo and install 64 bit userland apps.


Ultrabook2e Running Fedora

In case you didn’t know i really like SPARC hardware. One of the more exoctic peices of hardware that I own is a Ultrabook2e. It is an older SPARC based laptop the one i have has a 14″ 1024×768 display, 1.5GB ram, 500mhz UltraSparc IIe CPU, 60gb hdd, and dvd rom. It is a neat piece of hardware.

Getting linux running on it. I did the install over serial console since the frame buffer was going crazy. It has a “ATI Technologies Inc Rage XL (rev 27)” video card in it, after some experimenting I was able to get the framebuffer and X working. the magic for it was appending “video=atyfb:1024×768@60” to my kernel boot line. im not sure what the kernel was trying to set things to when left to its own devices. Sound worked out of the box as did nearly everything else.

Things not working. the pcmcia slots are not working. dmesg shows

yenta_cardbus 0000:00:03.0: no bus associated! (try 'pci=assign-busses')
yenta_cardbus 0000:00:03.1: no bus associated! (try 'pci=assign-busses')
I tired appending “pci=assign-busses” to the kernel boot line but no luck. I need to look at the module, it probably needs some porting of OFW. I have a prism54 based card that I want to use. The other thing not working is the touchpad and keyboard. I have to use external USB keyboard and mouse. With these issues fixed id be able to give a talk on secondary arches using a secondary arch. Which i think would be cool.


Busy Busy Busy

Its been awhile since i’ve posted anything. I have been really busy. Its hard to believe that Macy is 4 months old already. Im sure everyone has has heard it before but Babies are amzing. It really is different when it is your own baby. Her first Passport will arrive soon, we have a trip planed to Australia in May. Once we get back ill submit whats needed so she can be an Aussie citizen also. travelling with a nearly 6 month old should be interesting, and our direct flight from Brisbane to LA got cnacelled so we get an extra flight though Sydney home all up we fly PIA -> ORD -> LAX -> BNE -> SYD -> LAX -> DFW -> PIA. we are considering flying to Melbourne for a few days so i can show Jenny where i was born and grew up as a kid and take Macy to meet my Nanna.

Something i’ve been working on alot lately is secondary arches. It feels like we are finally getting over the hump and making good progress with them. s390 is making good progress, as is arm, and even alpha. No one seems to want to do the right thing with ia64, which is kinda sad. SPARC is rolling along nicely and someone stepped up this week to do parisc. If someone wants to do mips drop me an email.

Today we released spacewalk 0.5, it still depends on oracle 🙁 but we are making progress towards being able to work using postgresql. 0.5 runs on fedora 🙂 thats something im proud that we have finally done. We are slowly working out how spacewalk fits in and how to do things. Its a big change in how satellite has been developed. The spacewalk/Satellite devs are finding there feet and doing a great job of working in the open with the community. slowly there is contributions from outside of Red Hat which is great to see Colin Coe is doing a grea job of supporting spacewalk. I was talking with some guys in #humbug last week, they were talking about setting up spacewalk. I cant remeber if id never said what i do for a job or if they just forgot. but it was cool to see spacewalk talk going on in other places. They are very excited about having a full open source stack. I think that Postgresql support will be warmly welcomed by everyone. If someone wanted to get involved in spacewalk development it would be awesome to look at integrating func, bcfg2 ( or some other config management system), looking at extenting monitoring perhaps by integarting another tool such as nagios or zabbix. There really is endless possibilities on what can be done. so if you have an itch that you want to scratch introduce yourself on the spacewalk-devel list and get to work 🙂

overall i’ve been extremly busy. I have alot that I want to get done on my house this year. hopefully last weeks freak snow storm is the last till next winter. I have alot fo garden work I want to do as well as finsihing the dining room, library, and my office. dining room i need to finish installing trim. Library i need to strip the hundred year old wall paper and patch up the plaster. then install crown molding to finish off the book selves to the ceiling, and my office i want to paint, install a window seat with storage on one wall, install new flooring and install trim. Id really like to have the carpet pulled up and get the floors polished. one of the benfits of having a house thats over 150 years old is the character. sadly the people who owned the house before us pulled alot of it out. My dad is a builder and i worked with him from the time i was 12 or 13 on school breaks. as well as for awhile after i finished high school. It is a blessing and a curse. I insist on doing everything myself, because I know hwo to do it. However I dont always want to do it, but i’m too stubbourn to get someone in to do it. My Father in law is always telling me that im doing things the old school way. but thats how I learnt to do things so its how I do them. I think to think that i do a good job.