Day one of FISL 10

Im once again at FISL in Porto Alegre, Brasil. I feel much more comfortable here this year. I understand some portugese but not alot and speak very little. Communications this year are better. Also in attendance are Fedora ambassadors from other parts of Latin America, Venezuela, Nicaragua, Mexico, and elsewhere im likely forgetting now. there is a mixture of English, Spanish and Brazillian Portugese.

its nice to see that Fedora makes the press in Latin Aerica
Fedora in the press

I gave my talk on spacewalk this morning. There was a good turn out. I had hoped for more questions. But i guess i either answerd them all, they did not have them at this point in time. or i just confused them all. Im hoping it was the first two options. I did have positive feedback.

Dennis Getting ready for the talk

The Fedora 11 Elections

I thought is remind everyone that there is approximitly 2 days left to vote in the fedora elections going on right now. I honestly dont care if you vote for me or not, but i would really like for everyone to have there say in who they think will help guide fedora forward during the next year. To vote you need to be in cla_done and one other group in fas, then go Here.