Where is Open Source?

I saw a link today to a map that some people at Red Hat put together. The map is Here. What i found really intresting is the reasons that different countries have high standings.

  • USA – Community
  • Brazil – Government
  • Australia – Industry
  • France – Government and Community

France being number 1 overall suprissed me. That is likely due to my own ignorance. they were number 1 in government contributions and number 3 for community.

Business leeds the way in Australia ranked 4th, followed by commuity and Govenment both being in the top 15 overall australia is 4th which is pretty impressive. Makes me proud to be an aussie.

The United States comes in at number 9 dragged down by the government. the community ranked 2 strongly leads the way. I think the govt really needs to pay more attention to what the people are doing and lead the way for industry here. with high profile govt contributions like selinux its sad that they are not ranked higher.

Brazil has a really strong government contribution, number 3 overall. The country as a whole comes in 12th, community is pretty good being in the top 15. Industry is the big thing dragging things down at 43rd. I’m going to be attending FISL in Porto Alegre in June. I hope that with the wonderful fedora abasador community that we can come up with some ideas for helping improve industry participation in Open Source from Brazil.

look forward to me blogging about FISL, and open source in brazil.If anyone knows of some good tools for learning Brazillian Portugese please drop me a line.

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