Fedora 11 SPARC status

today i did a rawhide sparc compose from dist-f11 rather than dist-f9 that we had been using, Im syncing that right now to the primary mirror. it will take a little while since its really big.

16G	/mnt/koji/tree/development/source
22G	/mnt/koji/tree/development/sparc
13G	/mnt/koji/tree/development/sparc64

If you have been keeping your SPARC boxes updated you should be pointing at the F-9 bits and not rawhide still. Ify your not please dont updat to this tree. at the least you need to grab the F-10 rpm from koji. We have Stronger hases just like the primary arches. No work has been done on anaconda at this point. we have a glibc bug that we are waiting on a patch to be applied then we can catch up. most of the packages are from pre mass rebuild state. but it is the closest that we have ever been to being in the same state as the primary arches. we have a kernel that ws built with gcc-4.4 It has been tested and does work 🙂

Fedora SPARC Linux is built for ultrasparc and newer hardware only. There is no support for any 32 bit hardware. we are shipping a 32 bit userland and 64 bit kernel. if you have specific needs for greater than 4gb ram per process you can enable the 64 bit repo and install 64 bit userland apps.

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