First Day of OLS

Yesterday was the first day of OLS, It was also the day that I gave my presentation. My talk was on Secondary arches, where they stand how it works, the tools and resoucres that you need to do a secondary arch, as well as what you get from Fedora by doing one. hopefully we will add PA-RISC to the list of secondary arches, id really like to see fedora for mips also, though i dont have time to do it myself.

I need to take and post pictures 🙂 So far i quite like Ottawa, there is food that is much more like that in Australia (Must be a British thing). ive gotten to meet some fedora guys that ive not met before, even though ive “worked” with them for years.

On other news i’m leaving OLPC at the end of the month. Michael Stone let the cat out of the bag that ill be joing Red Hat. I’m leaving because of changes in my personal life, witha baby on the way, I feel that it is the right move for me. I will still be helping OLPC, they are shipping over 50,000 laptops a month with Fedora pre-installed. it just wont be my primary focus. Greg is doinga awesome job of getting OLPC and fedora working better together. We must continue to embrace and work with each other, it will benefit both sides.

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