Whats new in my life?

Right now i’m sitting in a starbucks, waiting for a doctor’s appointment in an hour. It will be the 20 week sonogram. This is my first baby, it took a long time to come. Im scared shitless, I aslo have the urge to be over protective of Jenny and baby. I’m also scared that ill mess up, since this is someones life that im dealing with now. But i am really excitted.

As a resul of being an expectant dad, a lot of the jobs i had been putting off on my house need to be done. I’ve nearly finished replacing the windows in my office. I have some other jobs i need to do there yet. build some storage, new floors, fix the damage from a water leak. Baby related I need to build the library at the top of the stairs. get the spare bedroom moved, setup the nursary. I’m in for more upheaval as we get ready. Even though Jenny is showing. its still does not quite feel real. I’m sure it will when we have a baby in our arms.

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