Interview by Barton George

While at fudcon in Boston, I was interviewed by Barton George who is a linux community guy for Sun Microsystems He posted it today. So i thought id share it with the rest of the fedora world. His blog entry for it can be found here, its really weird to hear myself in the podcast, and to be interviewed for it. I feel like i’m just one of the guys who keeps the wheels turning and helping those doing the really cool stuff to make sure they have what they need. I’m generally a very quiet person. The only time i’ve not been quiet is when I played football, I was a middle linebacker for the Gold Coast Stingrays for many years, I was always a leader on the field and the loudest guy there, other than that ive always been a very quiet person. Ive generally shied away from any type of publicity. I really am glad that we have managed to get OpenJDK built for SPARC, and the achievements that Fedora has made over the last few years make me very proud to be part of the community.

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