Where is OLPC today

Where is OLPC today?

Building and Shipping 50,000 laptops a month. Each and every one of them running Fedora. so far there has been over 390,000 laptops shipped. Which im guessing is the largest single Fedora Install base. Thats kinda mind boggling to realise. Going forward over half a million will be shipped in the next couple of months

What can Fedora do here?

Make the suagr experience in Fedora better. We have Packaging guidelines. we have a ton of Activities. Lets get them into Fedora. Lets look at what packages OLPC forks, work out why, and work out how we can eliminate that need. switching from Fedora 7 to Fedora 9 we pulled in an extra 100 packages. That needs to be cut down. There are needs on the school server. If you can give a little time to help out and want to know what else you can do contact me. I really want OLPC and Fedora to work better together.

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