Building Sulpher for SPARC

Trying to get everything build for Fedora 9 for SPARC, I threw some jobs at the build system this weekend. We have two builders, they are as follows:

A T1000 named daedalus, it has 16gb ram and a 8 x 1ghz core, multithreaded niagara cpu. it is a 32 way system. It has been doing well with the load. Id like to get the load average up higher. koji cant get jobs to it quick enough. here is todays load average graphs for it.

A T2000 named korolev, it has 8gb ram and a 8 x 1ghz core, multithreaded niagara cpu. it is a 32 way system. It has also been doing well.

This is part of the Secondary Architecure proposal. We are getting there slowly. If you want to help feel free to put up your hand. we can find tasks for people to do. People will also see mail for packages they own. we are going to try cut as much of it out as we can. but you will get noticies for failures. some of the ones we have seen so far are due to changes in qt packaging for instance. it is alot of challenging rewarding work to get things up. Building on all these different architectures helps ensure code is portable. Please mention in your dealings with upstream that we are building on lots of architectures. some that are rarely done. for instance due to how koji works we are building all sparc packages sparc32 and sparc64 even though historically little has been built sparc64 as there is no gains from doing so.

There is currently 3 hubs up and runnings ia64, s390, and SPARC. with arm and alpha to follow. perhaps even mips or hppa or some other architecture you like. Just some of the cool things Fedora is doing to let people scratch their own itch.

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