Chicken Heart Cheeseburger

We went to a little trendy restraunt here in Porto Alegre tonight and Greg ordered the Chicken Heart Cheeseburger. The above pictures tell the tale. spot and I ordered the Chicken Cheeseburger. They were delicious. Just not quite what is a typical cheesburger for the parts of the world that i’ve been to. Today was the last day of FISL. I really enjoyed my time here. The Fedora Ambasadors as well as the OLPC Activity developers have all been wonderful, they accepted us warmly and showed us a good time.

I have really learnt alot this week.I definetly want to come back to FISL next year, 7000 people registered, the place was packed and people were doing really neat things with little resources. I will be more prepared and learn some portugese so that communications is a much smaller issue than it has been this time. We worked things out and ive started picking up and recognising some words. One thing that I found different here to when I was in Italy was that the people in Brazil were much more polite, even appologising that they did not speak very good english when it should have been me speaking to them in their native tounge. I was the visitor here and was welcomed like a long lost relative. Thank you to all who helped make it great. I have learnt a lot and hope that I can help to make it better.

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