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  • fedora-cert

    A few fedora-packager releases ago, i added a utility to fedora-packager called fedora-cert. its intended as a utility to check that your cert is good and download a new one when needed. Ive not touted it since the verification of certificates is incomplete. pyOpenSSL doesnt have CRL support so i cant check to see if […]

  • Day one of FISL 10

    Im once again at FISL in Porto Alegre, Brasil. I feel much more comfortable here this year. I understand some portugese but not alot and speak very little. Communications this year are better. Also in attendance are Fedora ambassadors from other parts of Latin America, Venezuela, Nicaragua, Mexico, and elsewhere im likely forgetting now. there […]

  • The Fedora 11 Elections

    I thought is remind everyone that there is approximitly 2 days left to vote in the fedora elections going on right now. I honestly dont care if you vote for me or not, but i would really like for everyone to have there say in who they think will help guide fedora forward during the […]

  • I found a bojangles in Oz

    Bojangles is world wide Found in Murwilliumbah bojangles

  • Humbug talk May 16

    This saturday at 6pm AEST im going to give a talk at humbug on “Fedora, SPARC, spacewalk. An open source world” if anyone is in South East Queensland and wants to come along feel free. Apparently QUT and UQ students have been invited. It will be intresting to see what changes QUT has made since […]

  • Where is Open Source?

    I saw a link today to a map that some people at Red Hat put together. The map is Here. What i found really intresting is the reasons that different countries have high standings. USA – Community Brazil – Government Australia – Industry France – Government and Community France being number 1 overall suprissed me. […]

  • Fedora 11 SPARC status

    today i did a rawhide sparc compose from dist-f11 rather than dist-f9 that we had been using, Im syncing that right now to the primary mirror. it will take a little while since its really big. 16G /mnt/koji/tree/development/source 22G /mnt/koji/tree/development/sparc 13G /mnt/koji/tree/development/sparc64 If you have been keeping your SPARC boxes updated you should be pointing […]

  • Ultrabook2e Running Fedora

    In case you didn’t know i really like SPARC hardware. One of the more exoctic peices of hardware that I own is a Ultrabook2e. It is an older SPARC based laptop the one i have has a 14″ 1024×768 display, 1.5GB ram, 500mhz UltraSparc IIe CPU, 60gb hdd, and dvd rom. It is a neat […]

  • Busy Busy Busy

    Its been awhile since i’ve posted anything. I have been really busy. Its hard to believe that Macy is 4 months old already. Im sure everyone has has heard it before but Babies are amzing. It really is different when it is your own baby. Her first Passport will arrive soon, we have a trip […]

  • On my birthday

    So today was my 32nd birthday, It was also the day that my daughter was born. We woke up at 9am to snow and icky weather and soon after Jenny’s water broke. So we made a couple of calls and headed to the hospital. We got in and went though the contractions. At 8pm Macy […]