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  • Want to work in Release Engineering in Europe?

    Red Hat Release Engineering is hiring in Europe. The job is primarily internal, however we are working to align Fedora and internal tooling and processes, so there will be a lot of overlap.  The job info can be found here. If you have more questions or want to apply contact me to get things started.

  • Working in the new Release Engineering world

    There is a new position opened up in Red Hat for someone to help in Release Engineering,  you can find the job details here.  The role will be working inside of Red Hat as well as in Fedora. It is based in Westford, MA, however there are some more jobs opening up soon that are […]

  • Fedora Releng demo

    In Fedora Release Engineering land we have been undertaking some big changes in how we work.  Most of these changes have been quieter than they should have been.  We had the latest demo of our work today, you can watch the video on youtube. We are using an instance of taiga hosted in fedora space […]

  • Fedora atomic job opening

    Want to work on fedora in new and interesting ways? Red Hat is hiring a person to work on atomic in fedora. Full details can be found here, however the short summary is that you would work with me and the rest of the fedora releng team along with infrastructure on building new and better […]

  • FUDCon LATAM 2014

    FUDCon LATAM started this morning in Managua Nicaragua. The turnout is great and there is a high level of anticipation of what is to come in the next few days.  The organisers have done a really good job in planning. I for one am looking forward to seeing what is new in the Fedora world […]

  • Great turnout for FUDCon Latam

    <![CDATA[ Underway is FUDCon LATAM The 2013 edition of FUDCon LATAM is underway, the host Cusco, Peru has done a fantastic job organising the event. There had to be at least 500 people at the opening event. There was 65 talks proposed, with the barcamp voting being an interesting experience. Cusco the host city is […]

  • Fedora 17 gcc-4.7 Mass rebuild

    starting immediatly there is going to be a mass rebuild of rawhide for gcc-4.7 that landed yesterday. as approved by FESCo packagers will have just over a week, until Thursday Jan 12 to build packages themselves. After that date releng will kick off an automated mass rebuild of everything else. So please get building as […]

  • Genesi and customer Service

    I got a smartbook from genesi a couple of weeks back. after about a week it accidently fell out of my bag. i had it sitting in an open pocket and when i adjusted my bag it fell, i was sad and contacted Genesi to see about buying a replacement case as all the plastic […]

  • Fedora 15 mass rebuild the first 24 hours

    so the mass rebuild is 24 hours in we have completed ~45% of the builds and are at 365 packages failed to build the total number of builds in the mass rebuild is 10404 we are churning along nicely. i expect to complete the first pass sometime in the next 24 hours. so far i […]

  • witstech a81e tablet

    Last week i got a witstech a81e tablet. It came installed with android 2.2. most of the documentation for it seems to be tied up in about half a dozen different forums. I really dislike forums so im not entirely happy about that but oh well. There is a project to get regular linux running […]