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  • FOSS Podcast

    For those that dont know, I hail from the land downunder. In Brisbane where I lived before heading to the US of A there is a group of top notch folks. They make up a group known as HUMBUG. They do such excellent things as meeting for Curry, and talking about all thing unixy. one […]

  • Why i’m the worst customer ever

    Recently i’ve decided that i’m the worst customer ever So why am I the worst customer ever? Well for one I demand that I get an answer. The answer that i expect needs to be grounded in something remotely believeable. For instance, Im having some latency and speed issues with my internet connection today (I […]

  • Why i'm the worst customer ever

  • GPG signed email

    Dennis Gilmore wrote: > PLease upload your gpg public key to a key server no. i do not care to have my email address added to more spam list. > or stop signing emails you send to fedora list. no. no one else is complaining. maybe they know something you do not. I wrote an […]

  • First Day of OLS

    Yesterday was the first day of OLS, It was also the day that I gave my presentation. My talk was on Secondary arches, where they stand how it works, the tools and resoucres that you need to do a secondary arch, as well as what you get from Fedora by doing one. hopefully we will […]

  • Whats new in my life?

    Right now i’m sitting in a starbucks, waiting for a doctor’s appointment in an hour. It will be the 20 week sonogram. This is my first baby, it took a long time to come. Im scared shitless, I aslo have the urge to be over protective of Jenny and baby. I’m also scared that ill […]

  • Interview by Barton George

    While at fudcon in Boston, I was interviewed by Barton George who is a linux community guy for Sun Microsystems He posted it today. So i thought id share it with the rest of the fedora world. His blog entry for it can be found here, its really weird to hear myself in the podcast, […]

  • What not to do with your finger

    When doing work on your house make sure you don’t hit your finger with your 24Oz framing hammer. It Really Really hurts. Alot, Really.

  • Dont upset the fearless leader

    What should you never do at fudcon? Upset the fearless leader

  • Where is OLPC today

    Where is OLPC today? Building and Shipping 50,000 laptops a month. Each and every one of them running Fedora. so far there has been over 390,000 laptops shipped. Which im guessing is the largest single Fedora Install base. Thats kinda mind boggling to realise. Going forward over half a million will be shipped in the […]