Long live Release Engineering

My involvement in Fedora goes back to late 2003 early 2004 somewhere as a packager for fedora.us. I started by getting a few packages in to scratch some of my itches and I saw it as a way to give back to the greater open source community. Around FC3 somewhere I stepped up to help… Continue reading Long live Release Engineering

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What is going on in Fedora Release Engineering

As we rapidly hit the last days of Fedora 26 development, the final notches of planning for what Release Engineering can get done in Fedora 27 is coming together. Our priorities are mostly sorted, and we are marking things to target for Fedora 28. Release Engineering has its backlog in a Taiga instance that is… Continue reading What is going on in Fedora Release Engineering

Want to work in Release Engineering in Europe?

Red Hat Release Engineering is hiring in Europe. The job is primarily internal, however we are working to align Fedora and internal tooling and processes, so there will be a lot of overlap.  The job info can be found here. If you have more questions or want to apply contact me to get things started.

Fedora Releng demo

In Fedora Release Engineering land we have been undertaking some big changes in how we work.  Most of these changes have been quieter than they should have been.  We had the latest demo of our work today, you can watch the video on youtube. We are using an instance of taiga hosted in fedora space… Continue reading Fedora Releng demo

Fedora atomic job opening

Want to work on fedora in new and interesting ways? Red Hat is hiring a person to work on atomic in fedora. Full details can be found here, however the short summary is that you would work with me and the rest of the fedora releng team along with infrastructure on building new and better… Continue reading Fedora atomic job opening