Fedora Releng demo

In Fedora Release Engineering land we have been undertaking some big changes in how we work.  Most of these changes have been quieter than they should have been.  We had the latest demo of our work today, you can watch the video on youtube.

We are using an instance of taiga hosted in fedora space to be able to work smarter and more efficiently, as well as to enable more visibility into what we are doing and what we have planned. The ultimate goal is to make it easy for anyone to know what we are doing, and to contribute as they can. The contribution may be writing code, or just helping to make sure that requirements are fully documented.

I intend to take some time and write about the different things we are working on and help to generally make our work more visible to everyone. If you have any questions you want answered by releng you could ask in a comment here,  but better would be to ask on the mailing list or in #fedora-releng on freenode

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