Genesi and customer Service

I got a smartbook from genesi a couple of weeks back. after about a week it accidently fell out of my bag. i had it sitting in an open pocket and when i adjusted my bag it fell, i was sad and contacted Genesi to see about buying a replacement case as all the plastic around the power switch broke off. they said that they had no replacement cases but offered to replace the system. Which absolutely floored me.

The device itself runs fedora pretty well. ive been running fedora 13 beta for arm on it with XFCE. ive been very impressed. and i get ~6-7hrs battery. wireless works. i was just running from a sd card but once the replacement is here ill be putting it on the on board 16gb storage. its very exciting times in fedora and arm land. there is still work to be done on alot fo different issues, but exciting times

Once I sort out the issues, im planning to post a couple fo files that will let you get quickly started on running fedora xfce on a smartbook

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