BlackBery Perl and bluetooth dialup

So I have a blackberry Perl and on and off I have tried using Dial Up Networking. T-Mobile allows me to connect to them, go through all the steps and get to starting pppd then they dont give me an IP. I have tried telling them that i want which they acked and let me do. T-Mobile’s tech support said sorry we hand everything to Reseach in Motion contact them. Which I have not yet done but really should. Does anyone out there have it working? it seems it should not be as hard as it is. I have a internal modem that in the past I tested on a seperate data only plan. It worked then but used a different APN. I have tested with the APN that I have to use with blackberry which gives the exact same result as the blackberry. So I have narrowed it down to one of two things. RIM is doing something really really stupid or I need to pass some obscure flag ( which takes me back to 1 ) so if someone knows how to fix this please let me know. another option is that i pay for an additional line and data plan, which i dont have need for often enough for doing. Which would give me the added benefit of having wireless access at any T-Mobile hotspot. I just can’t justify the cost.

My First Day At OLPC

So yesterday was my first day at OLPC. It went fairly well. Everyone was really nice. Got an XO for testing.

Got alot of tasks that need doing, It will certainly be a challange, a good one but a challange anyway.

Yesterday also marked the first day that you could buy yourself an XO. the have a “give one get one program” for $400 you can get your own and donate one you can get yours here.

New Job

For those that dont know yet. Im changing jobs. I accepted an offer from OLPC, I will be their build system and release engineer person. I will be working remotely however I will be spending time in Boston, so any fedora people that want to catch up drop me a line. This is an opportunity that came my way entirely because of my work with fedora. So to everyone that works on Fedora thank you. I officially start on Nov 12.

What does this mean for fedora? Well for one, I plan to do everything I can in fedora. I will be spending more time on fedora. I will also be trying to build a community around OLPC. Hopefully much like mmcgrath has done with Fedora Infrastructure. I would like to enable people to build their own custom firmware for the XO. Mainly enabling the countries to be self sufficient. Take the pieces that are of intrest to them and make it work. Right now im just barely getting my toes wet and have yet to work out everything that will be involved. I will be posting as often as I can, making sure that everyone knows whats going on. It really is intresting to see how OLPC has taken the fedora base and added sugar on top of it. It is not your fathers fedora :).