Chicken Heart Cheeseburger

We went to a little trendy restraunt here in Porto Alegre tonight and Greg ordered the Chicken Heart Cheeseburger. The above pictures tell the tale. spot and I ordered the Chicken Cheeseburger. They were delicious. Just not quite what is a typical cheesburger for the parts of the world that i’ve been to. Today was the last day of FISL. I really enjoyed my time here. The Fedora Ambasadors as well as the OLPC Activity developers have all been wonderful, they accepted us warmly and showed us a good time.

I have really learnt alot this week.I definetly want to come back to FISL next year, 7000 people registered, the place was packed and people were doing really neat things with little resources. I will be more prepared and learn some portugese so that communications is a much smaller issue than it has been this time. We worked things out and ive started picking up and recognising some words. One thing that I found different here to when I was in Italy was that the people in Brazil were much more polite, even appologising that they did not speak very good english when it should have been me speaking to them in their native tounge. I was the visitor here and was welcomed like a long lost relative. Thank you to all who helped make it great. I have learnt a lot and hope that I can help to make it better.

FISL Day 2

yesterday was the middle day of FISL, I went to a talk given by one of the Fedora Ambassadors Rodrigo Padula de Oliveira, it was entitled XO / OLPC – Ele é verde, bonitinho e roda Fedora (XO/OLPC – It is green, beautiful and runs Fedora) while in Portuguese, I was able to follow parts of it. I had helped Rodrigo earlier in the day setting up his laptop to show sugar during his talk. he was trying to use sugar-jhbuild which really needs to be rm -rf’d from everywhere. Things would not build because they needed patching for gcc-4.3 (he is running rawhide 🙂 ) and the build process wipes away your patches (Thanks spot for trying) so we yum installed suagr and telepath-salut telepathy-gable (Still some packaging issues to be fixed) I grabbed some .xo bundles and put them in /usr/share/activities and he was able to log into sugar from gdm, out of the box. you can also run sugar inside your regular desktop by running sugar-emulator. I need to finish getting some changes into the activity packaging guidelines so that we can package up sugar activities as rpms they you will be able to run “yum groupinstall sugar-desktop” and get a working sugar environment, perfect for your kids to use, or for developing activities.

There is alot of Activity development here in Brazil. Some of them we see. I met the team that developed paint last night at the Mozilla 10th Birthday party. A lot of the activities we dont see. a problem we have is having a way for activity developers to know where and how to post information on the activity. I think a great project for someone would be to write a TurboGears app like Fedora’s Package Database that we could use for tracking activities. something that would let people find out about the different activities that are out there.

Fedora is a great place for people to get involved in OLPC, the OS on the XO is based on fedora. Fedora is a great development tool. with sugar shipping in fedora, its a great tool to develop activities for sugar. If you have kids and want to give them the sugar experience then fedora is also great for that. OLPC and Fedora have a lot that they can gain from each other. We really need to work better together. PLease contact me if you want to help in any way shape or form. It really does not matter what part of the world you are in.

FISL Day 1

Yesterday was day 1 of FISL, spot and I waited in line for an hour and a half to get our passes and bags full of phamplets and a magazine. There is over 6000 people registered

People in line for registration, 2 of 5 lines

this was part of 2 of the 5 lines. they were sorted by First name which really wasnt clear and seemed odd. But we got though ok.

I went to Scotts talk on OLPC. there was a good turnout though Language was a barrier that kept others away im sure. There is alot of interest in OLPC and Fedora here. The line up of people for fedora cds was quite large. People were happy to wait

People inline for Fedora cds

I really want to see us work out how to overcome langauge issues. I think thats its something that is a must

we finished up going to a dinner at a Brazilian Steak house. It was a river of meat. Guys with skewers that looked like swords walked around serving up all sorts of deliciousnes. there was a entertaining show put on that involved lots of danging and swinging around some kine of ball on a chain. im pretty sure that it would violate all sorts of rules in both the US and Australia

Greg suggested after talking about when I played football that I needed to put up a new hackergotchi picture on my Planet Fedora feed. so now there is a picture from when i represtented Australia in the firstever world cup of American Football in Palermo, Scicily, way back in 1999. Yes I used to play american football. I played 10 years of Middle Line backer for the Gold Coast Stingrays. It was playing football that initially brought me to the USA, its is also because of it that I met my wife and that im where I am today. I have been very fortunate to be able to do the things and see the places around the world that I have. I really am thankful for what I have.

Sight seeing in Brazil

So day 2 in Porto Alegre, We met up with David Barzilay, He is a Red hat guy who does alot ofr fedora ambasators here in Brazil. We went over some of the things that we would like to see from FISL. One Big thing I want to see is Fedora and OLPC helping each other more. The ambasators here do an amazing job. They published a magazine can be found here. One thing that I naively expected was that younger people would know both Portugesse and English, just as most of europe does. I have also learnt that fedora suffers from one of the same thing afflicting OLPC, a need to translate software into all languages. a takeaway that I have from this it that we need to come up with a way to translate from one language to another, not just from english to language foo. People who know Spanish and Portugesse need to have a way to be enabled to translate. I also se the importance of doing different language spins. I think though that a team of native speakers should do the spins and that they should be primarilary hosted in the country that they are intended for. Say for instance a Brazillian Portugesse spin should have hosting in Brazil. Many countries have good internal infrastructure but it is expensive and slow to use international links. We need to remove this road block and get local people making live cds that suit the local needs.

We did a little sight seeing we went to some local museums they were all free entry. One was a art museum, it was largely local art which was good to see. The history museum was a little hard to follow as it was largely words. while i dont undertsand portugesse i was able to make out some words. finally we went to a cultural museum, there was alot of interactive flash based activities, that made me kid of sad. I ama big beliver in using free and open source software wherever possible the short film entitled “Last Hippie Standing” was in English and somewhat entertaining.

I’m in Brazil

I arraived in Bazil yesterday afternoon, I’m here for FISL where im going to represent OLPC and Fedora. I’ve been looking forward to this for awhile now. I was really honoured when I was asked to attend. So far I’ve not seen alot, Spot and I are going sightseeing this arvo. I need to break out the phrase book and really try harder to learn some portugese. I fluently speak Aussie and American English, I speak some British English, and nothing else. For awhile now ive been wanting to learn spanish. I really need to just make it happen.

Not sure if many people care much, but i tend to be very queit about what im doing, I tend to just do things and get them done.. I’m going to really try harder to be more vocal about it. Mike McGrath is a great inspiration in this regard he has an amazing ability to both get stuff done and to let people know whats going on and how to help. Kudo’s to Luke, Toshio, and Ricky you guys Rock, you always deliver and get stuff done.