I'm in Brazil

I arraived in Bazil yesterday afternoon, I’m here for FISL where im going to represent OLPC and Fedora. I’ve been looking forward to this for awhile now. I was really honoured when I was asked to attend. So far I’ve not seen alot, Spot and I are going sightseeing this arvo. I need to break out the phrase book and really try harder to learn some portugese. I fluently speak Aussie and American English, I speak some British English, and nothing else. For awhile now ive been wanting to learn spanish. I really need to just make it happen.

Not sure if many people care much, but i tend to be very queit about what im doing, I tend to just do things and get them done.. I’m going to really try harder to be more vocal about it. Mike McGrath is a great inspiration in this regard he has an amazing ability to both get stuff done and to let people know whats going on and how to help. Kudo’s to Luke, Toshio, and Ricky you guys Rock, you always deliver and get stuff done.


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