The middle of FISL

Day 1 of the exhibition floor of FISL had us very busy at first giving out lots of media. we quickly changed tactics to make sure we had enough to get us through the 3 days, plan 1 was to not just give them out but to engage folks, and give them out then, We also had pens and stickers. Part of our engaging people was to give some quick 30 minutes of so presentations on Fedora Topics.

Toshio gave a talk on the process of joining fedora as a packager. he gave it in English and had a person translating it. to me it felt a little choppy. As a result I decided i had to give mine in Portugese. I sat down with new Fedora packager Rafael Aquini and we translated my slides from english to Portugese. the result can be found Here It was certainly not easy to give a talk in a language i do not speak, but it seemed to go over well. Toshios talk was on Thursday mine on Friday. they were just in the booth. I need to send a massive Shout out to Marillia from Red Hat Brasil who did an amazing job on the booth design. We Spent alot of our time trying to talk with folks and doing whatever we could to help.

Overall FISL went well, We Had fun, Made some freinds, and it was reinforced how big a deal Langauge is I dont know about Africa. but at least in south and Central America there is very little English, and it seems to be the same in Asia. A big take away for me is finding ways to lower the language Barrier. how can we communicate and engage folks who do not know English or even people who only understand a small amount of it.

I’ll have a wrap up soon of my trip to South America.

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