FUDCon santaigo Day 2


Day 2 of fudcon Santiago, I gave a second talk on Joining Fedora infrastructure. I went over the things that fedora infrastucture does and the services it offers to the community. I tried to stree the importance of paitence, being a self starter and picking one thing to start with. My slides can be found Here Please feel free to let me know if there are places for improvement or things you think I got wrong.

Chile is a very intersting place its a mixture of very old and very new. I like old building architecture and its nice to see that some of it has been preserved here. while some of it has been pulled down for new buildings to go up. Thanks to gotencool for taking lots of photos and posting them. He has the same camera as I do.

Cathedral in Chile

The people here are very welcoming and freindly. I wish i had learnt more Spanish before coming here, I am doing much better with the language than I did when first going to FISL 3 years ago. Ill see how i go with Portuegese next week. Toshio and Jared get to wrap up FUDCon at the end of day 3.

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