FUDCon Chile day 1 world meet the new FPL

What do you do when you get a new FPL?

For those under a rock, we have a new FPL, his name is Jared Smith, Toshio and I flew down to FUDCon Santiago Jared who became a Red Hat employee on monday came down also. Due to the lovely airlines We all ended up with cancelled flights. Jared happened to get an extra delay and got in a little late today. FUDCon waited for him. He came in and rocked the opening speach in Spanish.

Following on from Jared i gave a talk on intro to rpm packaging. based very heavily on spots excellent talk on the same subject. It was well recieved, and was followed up with some excellent questions. Day 1 while off to a slow start finished well. now to make sure we get to dinner before 11pm tonight.

Toshio, Jared and I are all going FISL in Porto Alegre, Brasil after FUDCon, we should have lots of things to report on. and lots to learn as we go. Now that Jared is a Red Hat employee i have to find someone else at digium to bug about getting the kernel modules for their hardware upstream.

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