Getting EPEL ready for EL-6

So its that time of the RHEL release cycle that we are starting to work on getting EPEL in shape for it, The first step is to prepare for mass branching, that will happen this Friday, 7th of May. if you have a packge that you do no want branched for EL-6 that has a EL-5 branch you need to add a nobranch file to the EL-5 branch with a reason why. the reason why is just for documenting. if you have a package that has moved to RHEL you dont have to add a nobranch but it would be nice if you did.

There is mock configs available in my mock git tree fedora people git tree I need to do a push with ccache of EPEL-6 content for it to work. unless you disable the ccache plugin. koji disables ccache, maybe we need to disable it in mock to make mock more like koji.

Due to how Red Hat is pushing out RHEL we are building i686, x86_64, and ppc64. We could also do s390x builds however i dont know that there is any demand for it. ppc32 and s390 trees are not complete enough for us to use.

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