Almost done renovating the office.

A couple of weeks back my co-workers were heard complaining about the renovations on there cubes. While that was happening i was in the midgst of renovations in my office. I work from home as a remottee. I tend to spend alot of time in my office here, between work and Fedora. its been kinda ugly for quite some time. I replaced the windows last year which made it comfortable, before the new windows it would be extremely cold in winter and unbearabley hot in summer. This year i installed some box seating, with storage built in. a new hardwood floor and fixed the water damaged gyprock due to some shoddy roofing work done before I brought my house. I still need to finish the trim and fix some minor issues, I would like to do a bigger built in desk/bookshelf. That will be one of next years jobs.

The view to my desk

new view of the desk

The view from my desk, The box seating needs trimming, and I need some staples to finish the seat cushioning.

The almost finished box seating

I decided wednesday night i needed to get it painted for the weekend, so off i went to lowes to pick out a colour, im really happy with my choice. the no VOC paint was excellent no paint smell at all. I got the floor down on Friday, and put the finishing touches in on saturday. Followed by a 1st birthday party sunday for Macy. I am amazed daily what she has learnt and achieved in one year.

Now onto a busy week. Macy’s and my birthday today, my 9 year wedding anniversary on Wednesday and heading to FUDCon on Friday.

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