knetworkmanger is hitting rawhide

screenshot of knetworkmanager

Thanks to Kevin Kofler and Rex Dieter. They both helped to get a svn snapshot of knetworkmanager built yesterday. In F-8 we had to put in a stub since knetworkmanager was not ported to the new NetworkManager-0.7 api. Its still not ported 🙁

The new build only supports connecting to wireless and wired networks. None of the vpn plugins have been ported, and none of the dialup networking support in the new NM have been added. So we have about 6 weeks to get everything added or we may have to pull it again. Here is a list of things that i know need doing

  • vpnc plugin
  • openvpn plugin
  • pptp plugin
  • GSM Modem support
  • EVDO Modem support (Is it in NM yet?)
  • Dial up modem support
  • All the cool stuff here
Im probably missing something. So if you can code in qt3 then please contact Kevin, Rex, or Me so we can make sure that we get everything done for F-9. we can also release it as an update for F-8 then.

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