Gahh what a night

So today I sat for my RHCE, I initially received my RHCE on RHEL3 so it was time to update. I did OK I rode the amtrak up which is nice. Sit and work while I travel. Much better and cheaper than driving and parking. The ride back was uneventful. I jumped in my car to head home when I arrived in Bloomington. Car wouldn’t start. Great, I really know little about cars. I knew it wasn’t a dead battery, the engine was turning over fine. The “Service Engine Soon” and ” Check Gauges” lights stayed on fantastic. So I have road assistance through my insurance company. so i call them tell them whats up, They put in the service request. They offer two types of service. A jumpstart or a Tow. I get an automated call “Your tow truck will be there within 30 minutes” thats good wont be long in my cold not running car. 45 minutes later I call the insurance company back “No tow truck yet”. They chase it up and say they had to go to an accident they will be there in 20 minutes. 35 minutes after that call. I call them again No tow truck they go to chase up. In the mean time the Tow truck comany calls me they will be 15-20 minues more. I ask if they are sure since ive heard that before. Nearly 2 hours after I initially call he turns up and 5 minutes later we are on the road. By that time i was freazing cold it was only 40 out but still cold enough. I got home at 12:30 when i should have been home around 10:00.

The thing that sucks is I barely drive my car anymore and i planed on replacing it in the new year. Currently I drive a 1996 Chevy Camero. I want something more economical and possibly Australian made. I have been eying up the Pontiac G8, if only they would release them already

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