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  • Ill do the history thing

    [dennis@bratac ~]$ history | awk ‘{a[$2]++ } END{for(i in a){print a[i] ” ” i}}’|sort -rn|head 225 ssh 87 ls 84 cd 70 vi 51 make 48 cvs 34 ssh-add 32 cat 25 sudo 22 koji seems I mostly go places. ssh-add being there so much is from X going blank on me all the time.

  • Comcast means no service

    On January 1 2008, The cable company that serviced the area that I live changed from Insight Communications to comcast. This change was due to comcast not wanting to sit on the side any longer. Through acquisitions comcast had become a silent 50% in many parts of the mid west. Both companies split up the […]

  • knetworkmanger is dead

    Due to a complete lack of progress upstream and not enough time to work on it myself. We have had to completely drop knetworkmanager from Fedora. it should remove the confusion some users ahve when they realise that the knetworkmanager package since F8 has just been a shell calling nm-applet I would like to encourage […]

  • knetworkmanger is hitting rawhide

    Thanks to Kevin Kofler and Rex Dieter. They both helped to get a svn snapshot of knetworkmanager built yesterday. In F-8 we had to put in a stub since knetworkmanager was not ported to the new NetworkManager-0.7 api. Its still not ported 🙁 The new build only supports connecting to wireless and wired networks. None […]

  • 2008 intresting start

    So found out whats wrong with my car, The fuel pump went. I thought thats not to bad ill get it fixed and be on my way. Then they gave me the price $981 suffice to say a 1996 Camero is worth about $2K as a trade it also has a couple of minnor things […]

  • Gahh what a night

    So today I sat for my RHCE, I initially received my RHCE on RHEL3 so it was time to update. I did OK I rode the amtrak up which is nice. Sit and work while I travel. Much better and cheaper than driving and parking. The ride back was uneventful. I jumped in my car […]

  • BlackBery Perl and bluetooth dialup

    So I have a blackberry Perl and on and off I have tried using Dial Up Networking. T-Mobile allows me to connect to them, go through all the steps and get to starting pppd then they dont give me an IP. I have tried telling them that i want which they acked and let […]

  • My First Day At OLPC

    So yesterday was my first day at OLPC. It went fairly well. Everyone was really nice. Got an XO for testing. Got alot of tasks that need doing, It will certainly be a challange, a good one but a challange anyway. Yesterday also marked the first day that you could buy yourself an XO. the […]

  • New Job

    For those that dont know yet. Im changing jobs. I accepted an offer from OLPC, I will be their build system and release engineer person. I will be working remotely however I will be spending time in Boston, so any fedora people that want to catch up drop me a line. This is an opportunity […]

  • New Laptop

    For awhile now ive been looking at new laptops. One thing that is hard about the laptop/notebook market is taht it is really hard to do it yourself. There are some Linux only Vendors out there. R3 and System76 the thing i dont like about them are that they are quick to throw propietory stuff […]