Ill do the history thing

[dennis@bratac ~]$ history | awk ‘{a[$2]++ } END{for(i in a){print a[i] ” ” i}}’|sort -rn|head
225 ssh
87 ls
84 cd
70 vi
51 make
48 cvs
34 ssh-add
32 cat
25 sudo
22 koji seems I mostly go places. ssh-add being there so much is from X going blank on me all the time.


Comcast means no service

On January 1 2008, The cable company that serviced the area that I live changed from Insight Communications to comcast. This change was due to comcast not wanting to sit on the side any longer. Through acquisitions comcast had become a silent 50% in many parts of the mid west. Both companies split up the area they partnered in. I knew this was coming only because it had been briefly mentioned in the paper in March 2007. There was zero communications from either company about the changes until the end of December I tried in December to find out what changes would be made. Neither Comcast not Insight could tell me anything. they kept passing the buck to the other.

While the change happened on Jan 1 the January Bill was issued by insight. comcast still into February claimed on its website to not be able to provide me service. They still are unable to give me a channel listing for my area. Comcast also Just sent out notices that it is raising the rates for its services.

With Insight i had a sticky IP, while it was mostly static they reserved the right to change the IP if they needed to. thought i was to be given two weeks written notice of change. Comcast silently dropped this service. Instead telling me when I called to verify that I had the same services after they finally switched us from the insight network to the comcast Network on Feb 20th that I needed to have a business internet account to get a static IP. After many calls and being completely frustrated i finally got bounced around to the correct department to switch to a business class plan. For this i had to sign an order form and fax/email it in. I dont have a scanner or a fax machine so it took me a few days to be able to get it in. A week later I called to find out the status to be told your sales person is on holiday in Spain and nothing has been done with your order. After getting them another signed copy emailed in, I called again a week later to be told its still being processed and we dont know when we will make the change. Mind you each time I called I was bounced around at least half a dozen people spent lots of time on hold and constantly got people who really have no clue about anything other than a tiny piece of their portion of things. The phone system would put you through to residential people when you follow the prompts for commercial service.

I finally got switched over on Friday to their business plan. I had chosen the option for enhanced service which is 16Mbits/3Mbits and a /29. the installers order had only a single IP. turned out that the modem was provisioned correctly but the order was wrong. and i had my /29. when doing my nightly rawhide sync i noticed Cacti was saying that i was only getting 6Mbit down alot less than the 16Mbit/s i was supposed to able to get. A quick call to support verified that my accound was on the standard plan not the enhanced one. which in my area is supposed to be 10/1.5 as thats what Insight offered but I got 6/1.5, now i have to call accounts on monday because tech support cant correct the issue without changes to my account.

All in all I have so far found comcast to be completely incompetent. Most of the people i have encountered are completely unwilling to try and help you. They are a bumbling mess. Unfortunately I have little in the way of choices. I can get naked DSL from Verizon for $30 a month but only at 3Mbit/768Kbit speed. I can get a slightly faster DSL option from a local telco but due to the FCC also being braindead I have to get a landline from verizon since MTCO being a CLEC cant offer naked DSL. Note to FCC, enforcing that ILEC must offer naked DSL, but not making sure there is competition by ensuring the CLEC’s can offer the same is really dumb. Way to promote monopolies


knetworkmanger is dead

Due to a complete lack of progress upstream and not enough time to work on it myself. We have had to completely drop knetworkmanager from Fedora. it should remove the confusion some users ahve when they realise that the knetworkmanager package since F8 has just been a shell calling nm-applet

I would like to encourage anyone with c++ skills and a desire to see knetworkmanager be back in feodra to get involed in upstream development


knetworkmanger is hitting rawhide

screenshot of knetworkmanager

Thanks to Kevin Kofler and Rex Dieter. They both helped to get a svn snapshot of knetworkmanager built yesterday. In F-8 we had to put in a stub since knetworkmanager was not ported to the new NetworkManager-0.7 api. Its still not ported 🙁

The new build only supports connecting to wireless and wired networks. None of the vpn plugins have been ported, and none of the dialup networking support in the new NM have been added. So we have about 6 weeks to get everything added or we may have to pull it again. Here is a list of things that i know need doing

  • vpnc plugin
  • openvpn plugin
  • pptp plugin
  • GSM Modem support
  • EVDO Modem support (Is it in NM yet?)
  • Dial up modem support
  • All the cool stuff here
Im probably missing something. So if you can code in qt3 then please contact Kevin, Rex, or Me so we can make sure that we get everything done for F-9. we can also release it as an update for F-8 then.


2008 intresting start

So found out whats wrong with my car, The fuel pump went. I thought thats not to bad ill get it fixed and be on my way. Then they gave me the price $981 suffice to say a 1996 Camero is worth about $2K as a trade it also has a couple of minnor things to get fixed. So instead of fixing it i sold it as is. So now im carless. Which is not to bad. I had driven my car maybe 4 times in the last 2 months. of course it had a full tank of petrol. Ill see how we go as a one car family. If its ok then we will probably stay that way. If not ill hold out for a G8, gotta buy an Aussie car. I might buy a bike so i can ride to the gym.

Currently im sitting in Peoria airport waiting for my flight to Chicago, then on to Raleigh for fudcon. Im quite excited about fudcon I really want to get secondary archs up and running this weekend. I also want to get the rest of Fedora Directory server Reviewed and into Fedora. Passing though security was kinda humerous the security guy pulled aside one of my XO’s. He asked for help from another security person. both of them with a paniced look said to me “What is this and how does it open” They had relieved looks on their faces when i opened it and showed them what it is. Both saying “I never would have worked out how to open it”. Anyways my plane is now boarding.


Gahh what a night

So today I sat for my RHCE, I initially received my RHCE on RHEL3 so it was time to update. I did OK

I rode the amtrak up which is nice. Sit and work while I travel. Much better and cheaper than driving and parking. The ride back was uneventful. I jumped in my car to head home when I arrived in Bloomington. Car wouldn’t start. Great, I really know little about cars. I knew it wasn’t a dead battery, the engine was turning over fine. The “Service Engine Soon” and ” Check Gauges” lights stayed on fantastic. So I have road assistance through my insurance company. so i call them tell them whats up, They put in the service request. They offer two types of service. A jumpstart or a Tow. I get an automated call “Your tow truck will be there within 30 minutes” thats good wont be long in my cold not running car. 45 minutes later I call the insurance company back “No tow truck yet”. They chase it up and say they had to go to an accident they will be there in 20 minutes. 35 minutes after that call. I call them again No tow truck they go to chase up. In the mean time the Tow truck comany calls me they will be 15-20 minues more. I ask if they are sure since ive heard that before. Nearly 2 hours after I initially call he turns up and 5 minutes later we are on the road. By that time i was freazing cold it was only 40 out but still cold enough. I got home at 12:30 when i should have been home around 10:00.

The thing that sucks is I barely drive my car anymore. and i planed on replacing it in the new year. Currently I drive a 1996 Chevy Camero. I want something more economical and possibly Australian made. I have been eying up the Pontiac G8, if only they would release them already


BlackBery Perl and bluetooth dialup

So I have a blackberry Perl and on and off I have tried using Dial Up Networking. T-Mobile allows me to connect to them, go through all the steps and get to starting pppd then they dont give me an IP. I have tried telling them that i want which they acked and let me do. T-Mobile’s tech support said sorry we hand everything to Reseach in Motion contact them. Which I have not yet done but really should. Does anyone out there have it working? it seems it should not be as hard as it is. I have a internal modem that in the past I tested on a seperate data only plan. It worked then but used a different APN. I have tested with the APN that I have to use with blackberry which gives the exact same result as the blackberry. So I have narrowed it down to one of two things. RIM is doing something really really stupid or I need to pass some obscure flag ( which takes me back to 1 ) so if someone knows how to fix this please let me know. another option is that i pay for an additional line and data plan, which i dont have need for often enough for doing. Which would give me the added benefit of having wireless access at any T-Mobile hotspot. I just can’t justify the cost.


My First Day At OLPC

So yesterday was my first day at OLPC. It went fairly well. Everyone was really nice. Got an XO for testing.

Got alot of tasks that need doing, It will certainly be a challange, a good one but a challange anyway.

Yesterday also marked the first day that you could buy yourself an XO. the have a “give one get one program” for $400 you can get your own and donate one you can get yours here.


New Job

For those that dont know yet. Im changing jobs. I accepted an offer from OLPC, I will be their build system and release engineer person. I will be working remotely however I will be spending time in Boston, so any fedora people that want to catch up drop me a line. This is an opportunity that came my way entirely because of my work with fedora. So to everyone that works on Fedora thank you. I officially start on Nov 12.

What does this mean for fedora? Well for one, I plan to do everything I can in fedora. I will be spending more time on fedora. I will also be trying to build a community around OLPC. Hopefully much like mmcgrath has done with Fedora Infrastructure. I would like to enable people to build their own custom firmware for the XO. Mainly enabling the countries to be self sufficient. Take the pieces that are of intrest to them and make it work. Right now im just barely getting my toes wet and have yet to work out everything that will be involved. I will be posting as often as I can, making sure that everyone knows whats going on. It really is intresting to see how OLPC has taken the fedora base and added sugar on top of it. It is not your fathers fedora :).


New Laptop

For awhile now ive been looking at new laptops. One thing that is hard about the laptop/notebook market is taht it is really hard to do it yourself. There are some Linux only Vendors out there. R3 and System76 the thing i dont like about them are that they are quick to throw propietory stuff on your system and they dont seem to be working with upstream projects to get there patches integrated. so you end up with an un supportable system. Well to me any way. Of the two i looked harder at R3 as they supply/support Fedora System76 only support Ubuntu.

In the End I went with Dell. The offer there Latitude Series notebooks with FreeDOS. So you are free to put what you choose on it. The only downside is that you need to order it through the Small business section. To find out what they have on offer go to select small business notebooks. Then in the Menu bar at the top of there site the notebook drop down has Open-Source Notebooks as an option select it and you can get one of 4 different models. So what i ended up getting is a Latitutde D820N with dual core 2.0ghz intel CPU, 2GB ram, 80 Gb hdd, dvd burner, 15.4″ screen @ 1680×1050. Intel Integrated Graphics Media Accelerator 950, Intel 3945 WLAN and Bluetooth. I should get it about a week before FUDCon. Im going to do a rawhide install on it.