Starting a miniconf fad at LCA 2011

I’ve submitted a miniconf for LCA to be run as a FAD in the vein of a mini FUDCon type event
Wiki Page for signing up and being invollved
As I list in the wiki the goals are

  • Explain Features coming in Fedora 15.
  • Explain how Fedora and The community works, Show how someone can be involved and help guide Fedora’s future.
  • Provide an opportunity for users and developers to interact.
All in the vain of a mini FUDCon. With the ultimate goal of having a full fledged FUDcon in .au

To pull this off first the LCA organisers need to accept the miniconf and I would need funding for travel, as well as media, pens , maybe some other swag.


The middle of FISL

Day 1 of the exhibition floor of FISL had us very busy at first giving out lots of media. we quickly changed tactics to make sure we had enough to get us through the 3 days, plan 1 was to not just give them out but to engage folks, and give them out then, We also had pens and stickers. Part of our engaging people was to give some quick 30 minutes of so presentations on Fedora Topics.

Toshio gave a talk on the process of joining fedora as a packager. he gave it in English and had a person translating it. to me it felt a little choppy. As a result I decided i had to give mine in Portugese. I sat down with new Fedora packager Rafael Aquini and we translated my slides from english to Portugese. the result can be found Here It was certainly not easy to give a talk in a language i do not speak, but it seemed to go over well. Toshios talk was on Thursday mine on Friday. they were just in the booth. I need to send a massive Shout out to Marillia from Red Hat Brasil who did an amazing job on the booth design. We Spent alot of our time trying to talk with folks and doing whatever we could to help.

Overall FISL went well, We Had fun, Made some freinds, and it was reinforced how big a deal Langauge is I dont know about Africa. but at least in south and Central America there is very little English, and it seems to be the same in Asia. A big take away for me is finding ways to lower the language Barrier. how can we communicate and engage folks who do not know English or even people who only understand a small amount of it.

I’ll have a wrap up soon of my trip to South America.


FISL 2010 the start

Following on from FUDCon in Chile, Toshio and I flew to Porto Alegre for FISL 11, this is my 3rd time in Brasil for FISL. the conference is a big thing here. and it continually reinforces to me the need to have documents and support in languages other than English. So many people in South and Central America do not speak a language other than Spanish or Portugese.

Toshio and I arrived in Brasil Monday afternoon. Leo, Marcello and Douglas were kind enough to pick us up from the airport and take us to the hotel. We checked in and parted way with the guys, Toshio and I went and found some Brasilian cheeseburgers, and washed them down with 2 litres of guarana (yummy softdrink), Tuesday We met up with Leo for lunch at the buffet, and walked around the down town area of Porto Alegre. there is a nice mixture of old buildings and newer ones, We explored a local market lots of fresh fruit and veggies, as well as meat and fish. We headed back to the hotel to meet up with Wolnei and Lenno who were flying in. they were delayed a few hours so i tired to catch up on email.

When the boys got in we went and got some pizza for dinner, along with more guarana. followed by a early night

Wednesday We meet up in the hotel, and made our way to the university. We found an amazing half completed booth.

Half Completed Fedora Booth

We spent the rest of the day planning how we were going to run the booth and getting it setup in its final configuration


FUDCon santaigo Day 2


Day 2 of fudcon Santiago, I gave a second talk on Joining Fedora infrastructure. I went over the things that fedora infrastucture does and the services it offers to the community. I tried to stree the importance of paitence, being a self starter and picking one thing to start with. My slides can be found Here Please feel free to let me know if there are places for improvement or things you think I got wrong.

Chile is a very intersting place its a mixture of very old and very new. I like old building architecture and its nice to see that some of it has been preserved here. while some of it has been pulled down for new buildings to go up. Thanks to gotencool for taking lots of photos and posting them. He has the same camera as I do.

Cathedral in Chile

The people here are very welcoming and freindly. I wish i had learnt more Spanish before coming here, I am doing much better with the language than I did when first going to FISL 3 years ago. Ill see how i go with Portuegese next week. Toshio and Jared get to wrap up FUDCon at the end of day 3.


FUDCon Chile day 1 world meet the new FPL

What do you do when you get a new FPL?

For those under a rock, we have a new FPL, his name is Jared Smith, Toshio and I flew down to FUDCon Santiago Jared who became a Red Hat employee on monday came down also. Due to the lovely airlines We all ended up with cancelled flights. Jared happened to get an extra delay and got in a little late today. FUDCon waited for him. He came in and rocked the opening speach in Spanish.

Following on from Jared i gave a talk on intro to rpm packaging. based very heavily on spots excellent talk on the same subject. It was well recieved, and was followed up with some excellent questions. Day 1 while off to a slow start finished well. now to make sure we get to dinner before 11pm tonight.

Toshio, Jared and I are all going FISL in Porto Alegre, Brasil after FUDCon, we should have lots of things to report on. and lots to learn as we go. Now that Jared is a Red Hat employee i have to find someone else at digium to bug about getting the kernel modules for their hardware upstream.


What is it?

So while walking through the Iowa state Campus today we kept seeing these little animals, clint kept saying look a squirell.

Squirell? chipmunk?

What we actually saw was chipmunks.

Another totally awesome thing we did see was the Virtual Reality Applications Center that they have here. They are doing some awesome amazing 3d and haptics work that is all powered by open source software


FAD NA 2010 Day 1

after a 5 hour drive yesterday from home to Ames, IA. I met up with John and Larry, Max flew in shortly after. We ate some local BBQ for tea. then went played some pool and had lots of fedora conversation. After John thoughly beat us all, Max and I chatted while i preppared the pork butts that im going to smoke for our saturday night social dinner event. We have 40lbs of uncooked meat we will end up with 25lbs or so of coooked meat.

Right now we are discussing fedora events and how to have them promote them etc. how can we piggyback on other events, how do we promote fedora at different events and get either new users contributors, fedora awareness etc.


Fedora 12 SPARC beta

I have pushed a fedora 12 beta sparc tree the master mirror, you can find one close to you Here under /releases/test/12-Beta/sparc/ the tree is pretty much complete. there are a few broken deps that need resolving. Partitioning is fragile. it mostly works however sometimes you will be best off to do manual partitioning in rescue mode or breaking out into a shell.

Here is a quick list of some of the issues you might hit and workarounds.

  • serial console install – to have a console on the serial port post install pass “console=ttyS0,9600” to the installer
  • serial console install – to do any customisation at all you need to use vnc
  • sunblade systems with qlogic hba’s for primary storage – Make sure that you do a graphical install (vnc or local X) or kickstart and include “hardware support” this is so that you have the firmware for your primary storage
  • install blowing up at partitioning – parted doesnt seem to like old parted disk labels. in rescue mode “dd if=/dev/zero of=/dev/sdX bs=512 count=2” where X == the valuse of each disk
  • partitioning is fragile – simple partitioning works fine more complicated setups might require you to manual use parted to setup the partitioning you want and then choosing custom partitiing and allocate as you need to
  • less than 512mb ram – using vnc you may get OOM during package install. you will need to either do a default install or select a smaller package set
  • repo issues when installing – There is not repos exactly as anaconda wants when doing a netinstall. you can pass repo=”path to mirror” or fix up in the gui

Oh and partitioning is fragile, it looks like F-13 will be better

And things ive likely forgotten or missed, please drop into #fedora-sparc on freenode for assistance, questions or feedback.


Getting EPEL ready for EL-6

So its that time of the RHEL release cycle that we are starting to work on getting EPEL in shape for it, The first step is to prepare for mass branching, that will happen this Friday, 7th of May. if you have a packge that you do no want branched for EL-6 that has a EL-5 branch you need to add a nobranch file to the EL-5 branch with a reason why. the reason why is just for documenting. if you have a package that has moved to RHEL you dont have to add a nobranch but it would be nice if you did.

There is mock configs available in my mock git tree fedora people git tree I need to do a push with ccache of EPEL-6 content for it to work. unless you disable the ccache plugin. koji disables ccache, maybe we need to disable it in mock to make mock more like koji.

Due to how Red Hat is pushing out RHEL we are building i686, x86_64, and ppc64. We could also do s390x builds however i dont know that there is any demand for it. ppc32 and s390 trees are not complete enough for us to use.


Almost done renovating the office.

A couple of weeks back my co-workers were heard complaining about the renovations on there cubes. While that was happening i was in the midgst of renovations in my office. I work from home as a remottee. I tend to spend alot of time in my office here, between work and Fedora. its been kinda ugly for quite some time. I replaced the windows last year which made it comfortable, before the new windows it would be extremely cold in winter and unbearabley hot in summer. This year i installed some box seating, with storage built in. a new hardwood floor and fixed the water damaged gyprock due to some shoddy roofing work done before I brought my house. I still need to finish the trim and fix some minor issues, I would like to do a bigger built in desk/bookshelf. That will be one of next years jobs.

The view to my desk

new view of the desk

The view from my desk, The box seating needs trimming, and I need some staples to finish the seat cushioning.

The almost finished box seating

I decided wednesday night i needed to get it painted for the weekend, so off i went to lowes to pick out a colour, im really happy with my choice. the no VOC paint was excellent no paint smell at all. I got the floor down on Friday, and put the finishing touches in on saturday. Followed by a 1st birthday party sunday for Macy. I am amazed daily what she has learnt and achieved in one year.

Now onto a busy week. Macy’s and my birthday today, my 9 year wedding anniversary on Wednesday and heading to FUDCon on Friday.